007) Who is God?

The polluted message about God is that He is first and foremost a divine judge, but the pure truth about His nature is that He is a God who is most interested in loving relationships. *Listen in iTunes. *If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe to Plain Talk now on iTunes or Stitcher. PS) To help you re-frame your concept of God, […]


Is God Angry?

I used to see God as a petty deity who just sat around waiting for somebody else to offend Him. He wasn’t looking for trouble, but trouble just seemed to find Him because we humans could do no better than bumbling our way through life, messing up again and again. In my perception, considering who He is and what He expects of us, how […]


You are Made For Love.

Do you know why you are here? Why did your Creator bring you into existence? To serve Him? To do something important? No, it was simply to be loved. It was to be brought into the Circle of Love that has always existed in eternity.  The quality of love shared among the members of the Trinity has always been perfect. There was no way […]


006) Cut the Crap.

The apostle Paul used a vulgar word to describe the religious activity that people use to try and make spiritual progress. They think God wants one thing when what He wants is totally different from what many have though. We need to change our minds about who God is and what He wants from us. Today’s program discusses that. *Listen in iTunes. *If you […]


You Have Always Belonged.

Our God had an eternal dream that He would create you and bring you into the eternal circle of His love and life. That fulfillment of that dream initiated with Him, was activated by Him, is perpetuated by Him, and will be consummated by Him. The traditional language of the religious world speaks of finding God, but the truth is that He is the […]


004) Misunderstanding Divine Love.

Many people think that God’s love depends on what we believe and how we behave. This leads to a needless struggle toward a more moral lifestyle. But when we understand what Divine love really is, we become free to relax and just be ourselves – knowing that whatever changes, our lives will come by what Love facilitates in us and not by our religious […]


003) A Sense of Separation.

The greatest roadblock that keeps us from experiencing Divine Love is the sense of separation. Many of us believe that God is out there while we are here. But what if I told you that there has never been a moment when the Creator has been distant from us? *Update: Previous to 8:23am PST, Sept 19 episode 002 played. It has been corrected. *Listen […]


002) Spirituality is a Journey.

I consider myself a recovering legalistic. That’s because I grew up in a religious system that served a god that I no longer believe in. I no longer believe that god is angry, judgemental, and rigid. What I have found to be the truth about God from what I grew up believing is as different as if I completely changed religions. In this episode […]