Dead Cats

I recently read a story about a little boy whose pet cat was killed one day while he was in school. His mother was very concerned about how he would take the news. When he got home, she explained what happened. The little boy turned away and began to cry. “Don’t worry,” the mother said reassuringly. “He’s in heaven with God now.” The little […]


Panicked Responses

As I was sitting in my chair overlooking our patio one morning, I was watching the birds in our feeders outside. We have five feeders and enjoy watching the cardinals, finches, house wrens, redheaded woodpeckers, robins, sparrows, hummingbirds and even the occasional bluebird. I had opened the sliding doors to feel the outside breeze. Suddenly something startled the birds and they all took off […]

Is Your Husband Verbally Abusive?

I can’t count the number of wives I’ve counseled through the years whose husbands were verbally and emotionally abusive to them. Most had never been physically struck, but many had come to the place where they had lost all bearings on how to respond in a healthy way toward their husband’s misbehavior. Some wives actually think that it’s their spiritual duty to tolerate anything […]

Making Music Together

Give me any of the great compositions written by Bach and let me sit down to the piano and I can play every note of the piece. Hand me Marriage of Figaro by Mozart and I can play every note on the page. That’s right, I won’t miss a note. When I play the songs for you, there will be only one problem with […]

The Greatest Force For Transformation

Jackie is a young woman who lived in the inner city projects for many years. She had lived a hard life as a drug addict who sometimes sold her body to men to sustain her habit. Some might have blamed it on her upbringing, which had been anything but normal. From the time she was a child, the men in her life had abused […]

Unlikely Heroes

God has this weird way of being attracted to those who have really blown it. It makes no sense to the morality police of this world but it’s true. This whole grace perspective makes no sense from the vantage point of human fairness, and that’s especially so if you allow a religious filter to affect the way you look at it. Most of us […]

Getting Past Your Past

Dead religion does more to hurt people when it comes to their understanding of how God sees their past than anything else we can imagine. It elevates sin above grace. It exalts Laws over Love.  It elevates religious rules and denigrates any real relationship we could enjoy with our Creator apart from its rigorous, religious demands. It turns sins into moral infractions that need […]

Should We Do Something If It Might Offend Somebody?

“You shouldn’t do that. It might make somebody stumble.” I grew up hearing that but the fact is, some people just can’t walk.   I’ve often heard the teaching that we shouldn’t do anything that might offend somebody. Those who advocate this idea often point to where the Bible talks about offending “a weaker brother.” While there is a biblical truth about being an […]

Is It A Sin To Be Depressed?

Some people think that if we are really trusting in God we ought to always feel emotionally good. Some even go so far as to say that it’s a sin to be depressed. Are they right about that? No, they are not. Absolutely not.  These people make a completely inaccurate connection between emotional feelings and ones spiritual standing in life. That is a disjointed […]