Stop Trying So Hard To Obey God

If you attend church, obedience to God is something you hear about all the time. Obey God. Just do it. We are repeatedly told how we must try hard to obey God, but consider this matter for a moment. Jesus was perfectly obedient to His Father. On the other hand, how often have we struggled to be obedient to the things we believe He […]

The True Meaning of Repentance.

The subject of repentance has been wielded as a weapon against the naive for so long that the very mention of the word often conjures up harsh images of tearful remorse, heartfelt contempt, and the passionate dedication of oneself to God, laced with promises to “never do it again.” The pseudo-repentance in much of the modern church focuses on sin, insisting that we single […]

010) How Do We Know Our True Personal Value?

Church, parents, teachers, and other leaders have knowingly or unknowingly communicated messages to us about ourselves but did we get it right? A wrong understanding of your value can be debilitating for life unless it is changed. In this program, Dr Steve McVey speaks to this issue and describes how to know our true worth. *Listen in iTunes. *If you liked this episode, be […]

The Joy of Creation.

Have you ever considered what the instant of creation was like? Don’t think of the creation of man as a solemn ceremony in which two people were inducted into the human race. This was the celebration heaven had anticipated. This was a defining moment in the dream the Father, Son, and Spirit had carried in His heart forever! Imagine the Creator breathlessly sharing this […]

Living Beyond Right and Wrong.

The whole message of the modern church is sometimes about how we need to stop sinning and start behaving. This emphasis comes from something discussed in the very first book of the Bible.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is discussed in Genesis. It was one of the two trees in the very center of Eden. Note carefully the name of this […]

008) Why Are We here?

Religion tells us we are here to serve God but nothing could be further from the truth. The One who created everything by His own Word hardly stands in need of anything, especially frail humans to serve Him. Then why are we here? Why did He bother to create us? In this program, Steve McVey discusses that question. *Listen in iTunes. *If you liked […]

God’s Heart for You.

Why did God create mankind? It’s not like He needed us. After all, the Trinity was doing perfectly fine before anything else existed. So why are we here? Consider this thrilling account in Genesis 1:27-28: “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them…” He blessed them! The moment […]