Divine Love is Foolishness.

The French Easter liturgy says, “L’amour de Dieu est folie” – the love of God is foolishness.  For the person who seriously considers the depth and breadth of divine love, there can be no other conclusion. From the human perspective, the love of God is foolishness. It makes no sense in an ordinary human paradigm of love. The presence of human love is generally […]


Do We Need to Focus on Overcoming Our Sins?

One could easily come to the conclusion that the most important subject among believers is sin based on the widespread popularity of the topic in popular Christian books, sermons, and Bible studies. Sin management often seems to be the reason for public ministry, and it appears to be the most important goal many who follow Jesus have embraced for their lives. Overcoming sinful actions […]


Is the Christian Life All of Him and None of Me?

This seems correct at first glance. If a person doesn’t know any better, it could almost sound like an expression of genuine humility. That’s why so many people are inclined to believe it: “The Christian life is all of Christ and none of me.” This statement almost sounds super spiritual, but it’s still a lie. Your life is not all of Him and none of […]

Dead Cats

I recently read a story about a little boy whose pet cat was killed one day while he was in school. His mother was very concerned about how he would take the news. When he got home, she explained what happened. The little boy turned away and began to cry. “Don’t worry,” the mother said reassuringly. “He’s in heaven with God now.” The little […]


Panicked Responses

As I was sitting in my chair overlooking our patio one morning, I was watching the birds in our feeders outside. We have five feeders and enjoy watching the cardinals, finches, house wrens, redheaded woodpeckers, robins, sparrows, hummingbirds and even the occasional bluebird. I had opened the sliding doors to feel the outside breeze. Suddenly something startled the birds and they all took off […]

Is Your Husband Verbally Abusive?

I can’t count the number of wives I’ve counseled through the years whose husbands were verbally and emotionally abusive to them. Most had never been physically struck, but many had come to the place where they had lost all bearings on how to respond in a healthy way toward their husband’s misbehavior. Some wives actually think that it’s their spiritual duty to tolerate anything […]

Making Music Together

Give me any of the great compositions written by Bach and let me sit down to the piano and I can play every note of the piece. Hand me Marriage of Figaro by Mozart and I can play every note on the page. That’s right, I won’t miss a note. When I play the songs for you, there will be only one problem with […]