Dead Cats

I recently read a story about a little boy whose pet cat was killed one day while he was in school. His mother was very concerned about how he would take the news. When he got home, she explained what happened. The little boy turned away and began to cry. “Don’t worry,” the mother said reassuringly. “He’s in heaven with God now.” The little […]

Monkey Gods

“May I ask you a question and know that you’ll understand I mean no offense by it?” I asked the man in India. “Of course,” he answered. So I looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “When you’re fasting and praying — now be honest with me — do you ever think to yourself, ‘I’m praying to a monkey!’ When my wife, Melanie, […]

Distorted Motivation

One day when my granddaughter, Hannah, was eleven years old she came running to Melanie, obviously upset. Here’s the conversation: Hannah: Grandmommy, Jeremy just choked me! Melanie: He choked you? Hannah: Yes, look at the red mark on my neck! Melanie: Go tell Jeremy to come here. Melanie: Jeremy, did you choke Hannah? Jeremy: Shakes his head yes with a guilty expression on his […]

Abandoning The Religious Rat Race

Recently I was told that a pastor I knew years ago had walked into the woods, pulled out a gun and killed himself. The man was known in his community as a busy, sincere and hard working pastor, but behind the scenes he had struggled with self-doubts, emotional and mental fatigue. Sometimes there’s a short step between spiritual service and a religious treadmill and […]

The Needless Search

One day, as I was about to leave our home, I picked up my keys and my money clip from the table beside my chair in the living room. My sunglasses weren’t there. I went to my desk in my home office and they weren’t there either. “Have you seen my sunglasses?” I called out to my wife, Melanie, who was in the other […]

The Power of Letting Go

Imagine a baby holding a pair of new shoes in his hands. He is playing with them, happy to have possession of them. His parent reaches down to take the shoes and put them on the child’s feet. All the child sees is that his shoes are being taken out of his hands. He doesn’t like it. He’s fascinated by them and wants to […]

A Busy Mind

An overly busy mind can be a distraction from our daily grace walk. Some people can’t even sleep well at night because of all the thoughts running through their minds. They’re thinking about all that happened during the day; thinking about their plans for tomorrow; thinking about children, finances, past mistakes, future plans. Some even have imaginary conversations with people, picturing what they’ll say […]