Stop Trying So Hard To Obey God.

If you attend church, obedience to God is something you hear about all the time. Obey God. Just do it. We are repeatedly told how we must try hard to obey God, but consider this matter for a moment. Jesus was perfectly obedient to His Father. On the other hand, how often have we struggled to be obedient to the things we believe He […]

Is God Angry?

I used to see God as a petty deity who just sat around waiting for somebody else to offend Him. He wasn’t looking for trouble, but trouble just seemed to find Him because we humans could do no better than bumbling our way through life, messing up again and again. In my perception, considering who He is and what He expects of us, how […]

You Have Always Belonged.

Our God had an eternal dream that He would create you and bring you into the eternal circle of His love and life. That fulfillment of that dream initiated with Him, was activated by Him, is perpetuated by Him, and will be consummated by Him. The traditional language of the religious world speaks of finding God, but the truth is that He is the […]

Christ Died For ALL.

What happened at the cross? The obvious thing that most people mention first is that Jesus put away the sins humanity had committed against God. But if that were all Jesus had done, we would still have a big problem. Sins were the symptom of a deeper problem—man’s utter confusion about God’s identity and about his own. That darkened understanding came from Adam. It […]

Can God Look at Sin?

The idea that God the Father can’t look upon sin is simply wrong. It leads to an insulting conclusion about Jesus, who is God the Son. He lived in this world in the very midst of sin. He not only looked upon it but even rushed toward people trapped in sin! He saw sin as a fatal disease that needed to be cured, not a […]

Why you don’t have to carry shame anymore.

If God has forgiven every sin we will ever commit during our lifetime, what biblical option does that leave for us in regard to how we relate to sin?  In a word, get over it! It is astounding to see the preoccupation that the modern church has with sin despite the fact that Jesus came “to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” […]

When Old Men Run

My family and personal friends know that since the beginning of last year I’ve been working toward getting into better physical shape. When I hefted my substantial self onto the scales at the grocery store at the end of December, 2013 and a sadistic number screamed at me in mockery, something in me snapped. On January 1, 2014 I began a journey into becoming […]

Plastic Surgery For Plastic People

A middle-aged woman suddenly had a heart attack and was carried to the hospital. As she lay in Intensive Care, she prayed and asked God if this was to be the end of it all. “No, you will recover,” He answered. “In fact, you will have another 35 years to live. When the lady recovered, rather than go home right away she decided that, […]