Living Beyond Right and Wrong.

The whole message of the modern church is sometimes about how we need to stop sinning and start behaving. This emphasis comes from something discussed in the very first book of the Bible.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is discussed in Genesis. It was one of the two trees in the very center of Eden. Note carefully the name of this […]

Does God Keep Score?

Perhaps the greatest ruin that came to mankind in the fall is man’s distorted, perverted perception of God. Since that day, the religions of the world have built gods from the materials of their own shamed minds. Not knowing the truth of the God of Grace, they have created gods who are demanding in their expectations and quick to punish when those expectations are […]

Why you don’t have to carry shame anymore.

If God has forgiven every sin we will ever commit during our lifetime, what biblical option does that leave for us in regard to how we relate to sin?  In a word, get over it! It is astounding to see the preoccupation that the modern church has with sin despite the fact that Jesus came “to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” […]

How Meditation Cultivates A Prayer Life

Prayer was  a discipline, something to do because the Bible says to do it. I felt guilty about it, but I didn’t particularly want to pray much of the time. I wanted to want to pray, but when I prayed it was often an intellectual exercise aimed at producing a positive spiritual outcome. It was classic legalistic prayer — put something into it, just […]

The Biggest Reason We Don’t Feel Close to God

I was hungry to experience deep intimacy with Jesus Christ, but had become distracted by my busy lifestyle. I had allowed the mechanics of “living a Christian life” to suffocate the exhilarating awareness of the indwelling presence of Christ. The enemy had used his classic weapon against me – causing me to focus more on “the Christian life” than on Christ Himself. I sincerely […]

Do We Need to Focus on Overcoming Our Sins?

One could easily come to the conclusion that the most important subject among believers is sin based on the widespread popularity of the topic in popular Christian books, sermons, and Bible studies. Sin management often seems to be the reason for public ministry, and it appears to be the most important goal many who follow Jesus have embraced for their lives. Overcoming sinful actions […]

Is the Christian Life All of Him and None of Me?

This seems correct at first glance. If a person doesn’t know any better, it could almost sound like an expression of genuine humility. That’s why so many people are inclined to believe it: “The Christian life is all of Christ and none of me.” This statement almost sounds super spiritual, but it’s still a lie. Your life is not all of Him and none of […]