The True Meaning of Repentance.

The subject of repentance has been wielded as a weapon against the naive for so long that the very mention of the word often conjures up harsh images of tearful remorse, heartfelt contempt, and the passionate dedication of oneself to God, laced with promises to “never do it again.” The pseudo-repentance in much of the modern church focuses on sin, insisting that we single […]

The Joy of Creation.

Have you ever considered what the instant of creation was like? Don’t think of the creation of man as a solemn ceremony in which two people were inducted into the human race. This was the celebration heaven had anticipated. This was a defining moment in the dream the Father, Son, and Spirit had carried in His heart forever! Imagine the Creator breathlessly sharing this […]

God’s Heart for You.

Why did God create mankind? It’s not like He needed us. After all, the Trinity was doing perfectly fine before anything else existed. So why are we here? Consider this thrilling account in Genesis 1:27-28: “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them…” He blessed them! The moment […]

Is God Angry?

I used to see God as a petty deity who just sat around waiting for somebody else to offend Him. He wasn’t looking for trouble, but trouble just seemed to find Him because we humans could do no better than bumbling our way through life, messing up again and again. In my perception, considering who He is and what He expects of us, how […]

You are Made For Love.

Do you know why you are here? Why did your Creator bring you into existence? To serve Him? To do something important? No, it was simply to be loved. It was to be brought into the Circle of Love that has always existed in eternity.  The quality of love shared among the members of the Trinity has always been perfect. There was no way […]

You Have Always Belonged.

Our God had an eternal dream that He would create you and bring you into the eternal circle of His love and life. That fulfillment of that dream initiated with Him, was activated by Him, is perpetuated by Him, and will be consummated by Him. The traditional language of the religious world speaks of finding God, but the truth is that He is the […]

Christ Died For ALL.

What happened at the cross? The obvious thing that most people mention first is that Jesus put away the sins humanity had committed against God. But if that were all Jesus had done, we would still have a big problem. Sins were the symptom of a deeper problem—man’s utter confusion about God’s identity and about his own. That darkened understanding came from Adam. It […]

Pure Love

If I handed you a glass of water and told you it was pure, you would assume nothing else was in the glass but pure water. If the glass contained anything other than water, even in small traces, I wouldn’t be honest calling it pure water. Is God pure love or not? Of course He is. If anything that contradicts love were present in […]

Did God Abandon Jesus?

Most of us have been told that God abandoned Jesus on the cross but did He really?  Despite being told differently and having only half-verses shown to us from the Bible that would suggest otherwise, the Father of Jesus did not abandon Him at the cross. If the Father separated Himself from the Son when Jesus became sin for us, what happened to the […]