Is Grace Always Nice?

For over 20 years I have been proclaiming the love of God to anybody and everybody who will listen. In 1990, my life was transformed by the biblical truth of the implications of Jesus’s death on the cross. For the first time, I understood that not only did He die for me but that I also died with Him. I began to know by […]

Eulogy For A Dog

Our little pet, Emma, died yesterday. It was a hard day. Emma came to us when she was seven years old. If the ratio of dog years to humans really is seven to one, that would have made her 49 when we adopted her and 77 when she died. We received her when two friends were moving out of the country and decided it […]

3 Ways to Pray Without Words.

The question must be answered, “Do you really want to experience intimacy with God through prayer or is it simply a wish, a nice thought in theory? I have tried to make clear in various teachings that it isn’t by your own self-discipline that intimacy through prayer grows. However, grace doesn’t mean that we are inactive in matters of spiritual progress either. To the […]

Is Your Husband Verbally Abusive?

I can’t count the number of wives I’ve counseled through the years whose husbands were verbally and emotionally abusive to them. Most had never been physically struck, but many had come to the place where they had lost all bearings on how to respond in a healthy way toward their husband’s misbehavior. Some wives actually think that it’s their spiritual duty to tolerate anything […]

Getting Past Your Past

Dead religion does more to hurt people when it comes to their understanding of how God sees their past than anything else we can imagine. It elevates sin above grace. It exalts Laws over Love.  It elevates religious rules and denigrates any real relationship we could enjoy with our Creator apart from its rigorous, religious demands. It turns sins into moral infractions that need […]

Should We Do Something If It Might Offend Somebody?

“You shouldn’t do that. It might make somebody stumble.” I grew up hearing that but the fact is, some people just can’t walk.   I’ve often heard the teaching that we shouldn’t do anything that might offend somebody. Those who advocate this idea often point to where the Bible talks about offending “a weaker brother.” While there is a biblical truth about being an […]

You’re Not A Dirty Person

One time when my children were still small, our family came out of the house to go to Sunday morning church. As I turned to close the door, our small dog bolted out and ran across the yard. We were late, and I didn’t have the time for that kind of nonsense. Impatient, I took off across the yard yelling at our dog, which […]

Wounded Soldiers

Many of have been injured due to their own foolishness. How are we to handle those who have deliberately made wrong choices? It was in the midst of armed conflict in Iraq that a young American soldier made a foolish mistake that almost ended his life. It was a mistake that should never have happened. He should have known better. He had been taught […]

Norman Rockwell Expectations In A Homer Simpson World

I love Norman Rockwell paintings. He was known for his illustrations of everyday life in the days of my boyhood. When I look at his paintings, they always bring a smile to my heart, if not to my face. There is a pure, innocent simplicity about his work that resonates of days gone by when life seemed stable and predictable and warm fuzzies abounded […]

Living From Your Heart

You can trust your heart because you have become a partaker of the divine nature. Learning to trust your heart will progress in direct proportion to choosing to believe this truth.   A young student once approached Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and said, “I would like to write a concerto. Can you help me?” “You’re too young,” Mozart told him, “wait a few years.” “But […]