Why solitude is actually important.

Solitude is often avoided at all costs in contemporary culture, despite its biblical and historical precedent as an integral part of communion with God. The Bible records occasions when Jesus, Himself, withdrew into a solitary place. (See Mark 1:35; Luke 4:42) If Jesus thought it necessary to withdraw from the demands on his time and ministry, how much more important must it be to […]

3 Ways to Pray Without Words.

The question must be answered, “Do you really want to experience intimacy with God through prayer or is it simply a wish, a nice thought in theory? I have tried to make clear in various teachings that it isn’t by your own self-discipline that intimacy through prayer grows. However, grace doesn’t mean that we are inactive in matters of spiritual progress either. To the […]

Divine Love is Foolishness.

The French Easter liturgy says, “L’amour de Dieu est folie” – the love of God is foolishness.  For the person who seriously considers the depth and breadth of divine love, there can be no other conclusion. From the human perspective, the love of God is foolishness. It makes no sense in an ordinary human paradigm of love. The presence of human love is generally […]